Vertical Gluing Machine to "L" Profiles - Silver


Equipment used for several types of lateral bonding, providing the union between two profiles, making the geometry as close as possible to the desired one. This process makes it possible to save a lot of inputs (wood, MDF, MDP, chipboard, pine, plywood, among others).

The equipment performs the process of gluing adjustable views. You can also count on a milling cabin for milling / deburring / leveling processes.

Contact Unesa to find out about the various possible configurations of this equipment.

Technical specifications

Dimensions of equipment:
- Length: 7.600 mm.
- Width: 1.450 mm.
- Height: 1.600 mm.
Dimensions of profiles:
- Length: 1.800-2.750 mm.
- Width: 10-150 mm.
- Height: 08-60 mm.
Profile flap dimensions:
- Length: 1.900-2.800 mm.
- Width: 25-75 mm.
- Height: 01-06 mm.

Payment methods

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