How metrics influence performance

How metrics influence performance

How metrics influence performance

Let's start with a story: we once knew a company that was about to go bankrupt, the owner no longer believed that his dream would be possible and was about to give up, because as he said: “Business was bad, it's the crisis. ”. However, this story has a happy ending. As a last resort, he ended up leaving the company's account in the negative with a loan that was used to hire the services of a financial advisor, a desperate act by someone who wanted to fight for what he believed.

In a short period, profits returned, wages were no longer late and all employees were happy. The consultant, proud to have helped another entrepreneur in the world, said with a smile from ear to ear: “The secret is the numbers. If you know what's going on, it's easy to solve any problem. ” In 3 months, all the company's holes were identified and solved with the essential help of metrics.

We at Unesa love a good success story to inspire us to innovate. It was like this, seeing the case of these and more companies that we decided to implant in our machines the perfect solution to avoid waste, maximize profitability and production, giving you total control of your company with information in real time. An innovation that can save or further boost your performance, quality standard and performance.

Our secret? The same as the story: the metrics. With them, you can understand how much material is being used, what is the average speed of the equipment and even the number of parts produced and finished. How does it help you? With all the information in real time you can have a flow control and with the help of some accounts have a full and anticipated notion of what you will have until the completion of the pieces on the achievable yield, thus facilitating the control of delivery times. This way you will have faster deliveries and in the promised time (or in advance), with all the quality, leaving your customers more satisfied; and satisfied customers, always buy more!

In addition, you can have an optimized management of the production process, making it possible to identify points of waste or simply possible implements / reductions that can improve your profitability. For example, our extrusion machine measures the flow of gypsum dispensed. It is often possible to maintain quality by applying a slightly thinner layer of dough. In one piece the difference will be minimal, but in the thousands this small difference identified and optimized only with the advantage that real-time metrics offer you, in a short time will increase your profitability in surprising numbers for avoiding waste. Imagine in the medium / long term!

This is our secret: to be inspired by consolidated success stories to use the most effective and functional methods possible, optimizing and innovating in the application of the concept, originating the most complete machines in our market.