Stop doing this with your money.

Stop doing this with your money.

Stop doing this with your money.

Stop throwing money in the trash! A machine that reduces waste by 96% reaches the market.

If you are a business owner of frames, baseboards or furniture, this solution was created for you.

Do you know how much waste from damaged profiles impacts your company today? Many of our more than 2000 customers around the globe are aware of the importance of reducing this number to the maximum. A large number of damaged profiles can create serious problems for your cash flow and billing!

Not taking immediate action to solve the problem of losing profiles is just like throwing money in the trash, you are letting money go from your company and just watching. But this is really a frustrating problem, isn't it? Believe me, after 40 years of experience in the market, we know in practice how much damaged and wasted profiles can be a big problem.

This is a problem that you need to start solving right now, right now. A good sign that you are committed to doing the best for your company is that you are here, reading this content and looking for new solutions.

Before we start to present the perfect solution for your business, we want to make it clear here: the machine that we are going to introduce you will FIT in your budget, we have super flexible payment methods that fit your reality; and you WILL be able to operate this machine with just 1 person, who will be trained by our specialists, we guarantee!

We recently designed and launched the DIAMOND Pressure Dough Extruder, a new machine with technology and high productivity, designed to solve the situation of lost damaged and cracked profiles. This equipment was developed to apply pressurized masses in profiles in the most diverse ways, in this way, you will be able to reuse the profiles with cracks or several other flaws, leveling and repairing their surface. A practical, productive solution, which will turn a profile that would previously have been thrown away, into a new piece and ready to be used!

Easy to install and operate, resistant, highly productive and with easy payment and negotiation methods. Now there is no reason to stop throwing money in the trash! To solve your problem, it is very simple, just click on the whatsapp button located at the bottom of this page and contact our representative. Or if you prefer, you can send us an email using the contact form.