Retrospectiva 2020

Retrospectiva 2020

Retrospectiva 2020

RETROSPECTIVE: - A commercial summary of 2020 by Unesa Máquinas.

Two words that sum up 2020 well are: expectations and challenges. After an excellent 2019, we arrived at the year with high expectations, with promises of growth and ended up facing unimaginable challenges. But are we left behind?

In January, the market was still very heated by all the movements of the previous year. In the last quarter of 2019 we even launched an article on our website talking about how the furniture and timber market was facing a great opportunity for growth thereafter.

This expectation made us invest heavily in innovation and technology, conduct new studies to further improve our process and be able to present advances to our growing market. Some things did not go as well as expected, after all, our first story of the year was to alert everyone about COVID-19.

Unfortunately, Covid took us by surprise and stayed much longer than we would like. We all suffered losses, difficulties and sadness during this period. However, diamonds are generated under pressure; it's no different with us, that's why our premium line of machines is called Diamond®️. We accepted the challenge and bought the fight with the difficulty in the name of innovation.

Our Real quickly lost commercial value against the dollar. There we saw yet another possibility: to intensify exports. We decided to alert everyone to this opportunity and launched an article on our website that you can find with the title: "REAL MUCH WEAKER ALSO HAS A POSITIVE SIDE IN THE CRISIS OF COVID-19".

Another great highlight this year was the entry of our solutions in automotive lines! On the occasion, we revealed that the production line of several labels and logos for the Volks Nivus, a major launch this year, were produced with the help of our equipment. The article is on our website with the title: "WE ARE PRESENT IN THE AUTOMOTIVE LINE!".

We still publish an official bulletin about the controversial dumping process that took place this year between the United States and China. We kept you informed of the process and what paths to follow in each case, leaving you prepared to face and overcome the new challenges that were to come. The article is on our website with the title: "UPDATE ON THE DUMPING PROCESS".

In addition, we share with you a little bit of Unesa's day-to-day, showing more about our development process, how we use the safety factor as a key part in the architecture and development of our machines idea and we even share one of our latest research on how to work and transform common inputs into high-quality parts at great cost-benefit; You can still read this article on our website with the title: "THE BEST COST-BENEFIT FOR PRODUCTS WITH QUALITY FINISHES!".

2020 is in the final stretch, but it's not yet time to rest. Although we had a busy year, we are more than determined to get ahead in 2021 to help heat up the market and bring about innovations never seen before. We will be back after our recess, which starts on 12/18/2020 and ends on 10/01/2021, with many new features. Wait!