Technology and science - A testimonial from our engineers

Technology and science - A testimonial from our engineers

Technology and science - A testimonial from our engineers

Below is a transcript of our video where our engineers talk a little about our development process. You can watch the video here:

INTRODUCTION: Relating science and technology to our area is not difficult; We as a machine manufacturer need to be aware of what the market demands and reinvent ourselves at all times, in order to offer the best to our customers.

RESEARCH PHASE: Currently, technology provides us with the good use of tools, processes, materials and continuous improvements in all stages of the production chain.

PROJECT PHASE: Good project management is the key to making the product happen smoothly and on time. You have to involve in your planning the management of materials, their construction, dimensions, information to create the project, layout and etc. If there is a platform that fully shows us the prospectus from start to finish; This system allows to evaluate the entire project, identifying the most diverse possibilities, as well as predicting interferences or errors in the manufacture and operation of the equipment. And that platform in the case of Unesa is the CAD system.

AUTOMATION PHASE: Speaking more specifically of electrical and automation: This is a sector that is constantly evolving. Our machines make it possible to integrate all process information into one of the customer's services and make this available to the user in real time. We can provide remote technical assistance, speeding up maintenance and reducing downtime and consequently increasing machine productivity.
   Here at Unesa, we build machines prepared for industry 4.0, which is a factory with a flexible, personalized and extremely connected process. Advanced technology has always been part of the machines we develop. We research, test and validate the best resources available for the customer's machine and work process.
   These are just some of the benefits that technology provides us today, which we work to offer.

FINISHING PHASE: The execution phase is the most time-consuming and laborious. This is where the project is actually put into practice and also where most of the effort, energy and resources allocated to the project are placed. For this phase to be productive, the previous steps must be well defined. After all these steps are completed, we have reached the end of the project. Although the project is ready, it needs to be validated by the members and mainly by our client. All of this is very important to minimize errors in future projects, increasing quality more and more.