Recently the company Masterpiso (indusparquet) acquired from the company UNESA an automatic spray painting machine. We are satisfied with this new machine because it met all our expectations, helping to raise the quality of our product and consequently made the time in production more dynamic. Thank you UNESA for delivering us a high quality machine. We recommend it to everyone.

Isaac Garcia Masterpiso Industrial Manager

Our relationship with UNESA has been for years. It is a partnership that has been very successful and always helps us to evolve, because it provides us with advanced technology in profile gluing and painting / border finishes, which end up valuing our products even more.

José Roberto dos Santos (Tim) Chief Executive Officer Santos Andirá Ind. De Móveis

We have a partnership with UNESA that has already reached 8 years. This commercial relationship is only maintained thanks to the quality of its products, allied to the good services rendered, and mainly for the honesty of its leaders.

Guido Orlando Greipel Diretor Presidente do grupo Famossul

Fort Portas would like to congratulate Unesa Máquinas for the equipment it has recently provided us with: a profiling machine with a PUR collar, where mainly after sales made all the difference. We know that for building a brand takes years, more to destroy it is very fast. Unesa is a company that has prioritized itself for the quality of its machines, technology, robustness and easy handling, which is why it has been in the market for many years. The brand is synonymous with quality and innovation. When choosing to buy a machine, look for a company that has a real commitment to the customer, and in my opinion Unesa has! I am very pleased with the purchase of this equipment, because it has met all my expectations and needs. I recommend Unesa to everyone.

Graziela Lucera Fort Portas

In order to improve our products, we chose to acquire the Automatic Painting Machine from Unesa, a company that immediately became available to supply all our needs, giving us the best orientation regarding the equipment that would serve us. We received the equipment so that we had all the security in its installation and handling, came to guide us Mr. Joel, who with great attention and knowledge of the equipment, aware of our need was in our factory for three days, performing the appropriate training for Our employees. We were very pleased with all the attention and care given to us by the Unesa team.

Poliest Rodapés e Acabamentos Poliest Rodapés e Acabamentos

I already heard good company rumors on the market. As we began the negotiations and evaluation visits, the firmness of purpose and result provided by UNESA became evident. From closing to delivery and after sale, we saw a reliable supplier who as well told our director: Exceeded Expectations!

Everson Makarius Borges QMovi