Instant Thermo Adhesive Applicator


Lábio Unesa para aplicação de adesivo termo instantâneo

The Unesa application lip was designed to operate with the most diverse Hot Melt adhesives on the market, including PUR. With it, the operation takes place in an easy and intuitive way, without interruption of application, with the possibility of constant changes in width according to the profile and total precision in the applied grammage. The application of the adhesive occurs by pressure, generating savings in the application, making it possible to operate with coils of low thickness, delivering an excellent cost benefit.

Unesa pistols are perfect to operate with the most diverse thermo instant adhesives in a homogeneous, agile and economical way, providing a perfect application, guaranteeing the best finish in several types of processes such as: laminating equipment feeding, sealing of cardboard boxes , packaging, diapers, mattresses, etc.

The heated hoses are developed to transport the adhesive from the melting point to the application site, be it lip, gun, etc ... maintaining the appropriate temperature so that the adhesive remains with the ideal TAC, ensuring that the characteristics for the best application maintained throughout the process.
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