Thermoshrinkable Sealing Packing Machine - Diamond


Equipment developed to pack doors, frames, furniture pieces, ready-made door kits, etc., where the equipment welds the shrinkable thermal film, and it is responsible for wrapping the volume with plastic film and its thermal shrinkage.

The equipment operates with great energy savings in the shrink tunnel, and it operates with 1 or 2 knives, sealing the tops and sides with heat shrinkable film.

Contact Unesa to find out about the various possible configurations of this equipment!

Technical specifications

Dimensions of equipment:
- Length: 9.400 mm.
- Width: 3.800 mm.
- Height: 2.200 mm.
Dimensions of profiles:
- Length: 500-2.700 mm.
- Width: 500-1.200 mm.
- Height: 10-200 mm.

Payment methods

Formas de pagamento