The impact of Industry 4.0

The impact of Industry 4.0

The impact of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 comes from the integration of production processes with the virtual environment, using technological innovations in the fields of automation, control, and information technology, aimed at manufacturing processes.

Here are some examples of these technologies: Machine-Machine Communication; Big Data; Artificial Intelligence; Cloud Storage; Advanced Robotics; among others.

After all, how will Industry 4.0 cause an impact?

The industry has the power to stimulate other fields, besides being one of the main pieces of technological innovation. The incorporation of new technologies is essential for increasing productivity and, consequently, for the development of countries.

Despite being a novelty, Industry 4.0 already proposes changes to the current operating system of industries. Smart factories will be able to create customized products that meet the customer's desires, leaving him satisfied with the offered service.

It is important to highlight that despite the need for training and adaptation to new technologies in the industry, the demand for new research and development is also increasing very fast, creating more and more opportunities for professionals in the field.

What about you? What do you think of the new technologies?