Horno de Secado - Silver


Equipment developed for drying with the most diverse fuels: steam, electrical resistance, gas, infrared, microwave, heated oil, pellets or others. The equipment allows the profile to continue with subsequent processes such as sanding, painting, plastering, or finalizing a production line. All of this with great space optimization!

Its structure allows it to be built in several dimensions, according to the customer's need. The automatic entry can be developed for profiles finished in 03 or 04 faces. The transfer of the profiles during the drying process occurs through stackers and conveyor chains that guide the profile to the top of the tunnel, moving the profiles, returning the equipment to the outlet for other processes or even to the end of the line. The drying process takes place with a mix of ventilation and adequate temperature, according to the material to be cured (primer, plaster, paint, etc ...).

Contact Unesa to find out about the various possible configurations of this equipment.

Especificaciones tecnicas

Dimensiones del equipo:
- Longitud: 8.000 mm.
- Ancho: 6.000 mm.
- Altura: 4.000 mm.
Dimensiones de los perfiles:
- Longitud: 1200-6.000 mm.
- Ancho: 10-300 mm.
- Altura: 08-80 mm.

Metodos de pago

Formas de pagamento