Our Commitment to customers and the Market is TOTAL!

Our Commitment to customers and the Market is TOTAL!

Our Commitment to customers and the Market is TOTAL!

In the words of our Director, Mr. Eti Galvani Uliano, we brought a brief reflection on the whole commitment and respect that Unesa has with its customers and with the market.

Talk a little about the commitment and responsibility that Unesa Máquinas has with customers and the market.

Our commitment to the customer and the market is total, especially with the customer. Our big goal is to solve the customer's problems and see him be happy. Our goal is not to bill, it is to solve the customer's problem, billing is only a consequence of the quality and value we add to them.
We also always respect the market a lot, always trying to solve problems in the niche markets that we specialize in. Unesa has always brought news, following market innovations, respecting processes and timing.

How does Unesa's history reinforce this commitment and responsibility to customers and the market?

The commitment has always been great, it is becoming more and more due to our time in the market and experience. So, people always ask me: "How do you succeed?", Success is committed to respect, history and the hierarchy of things. We always appreciate that, our commitment is huge. We respect our customers a lot, we want them to always have the best solution to their problems.

Our history is very beautiful, as it was built with firm steps over 25 years of history. Very accurate steps, because we act differently, with a focus on the solution, and not on the financial return. We do everything with a lot of responsibility.

Adjusting to the customer's reality, adapting, adding or removing parts so that our product actually solves the real problems of the customers. Our production work is almost like that of a tailor, adapting machines and productive concepts, so that companies produce more, generate more income and more jobs for their countries.