Fuser 20 - 200 kg


This equipment was developed to melt only the PUR adhesive needed for production, without activating the rest of the bucket. Only the adhesive in contact with the base of the finned plate will be melted, keeping the characteristic intact of the rest of the material. After melting the PUR, it will be pumped through heated hoses until application. This equipment is suitable for feeding others who need a large amount of adhesive to be applied. This set is capable of precisely controlling the temperature of the adhesive, and the application weight.

We use this equipment in covering lines, sheet lamination, packaging lines with adhesive applicator guns such as boxes, mattresses, diapers, etc.

Contact Unesa to find out about the various possible configurations of this equipment.

Technical specifications

Dimensions of equipment:
- Length: 1.820 mm.
- Width: 850 mm.
- Height: 2.750 mm.

Payment methods

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