Discover our Development process

Discover our Development process

Discover our Development process

The stages of development

The development of new products is extremely important to growing in the market and must be divided into stages so that you can be sure of a quality final product. The main steps are research, elaboration of a project, selection of the best equipment and parts necessary for production.

The finishing market has a great need for differentiated products, since their development results in a positive result in the production yield with quality, whether profiles, sheets, doors, and so on. Considering, for example, that companies always aim at lower production costs, the creation of differentiated products with greater efficiency to make the most of raw materials becomes a great need.

From what has been said, it is noted the importance of developing new products for the market and for the best efficiency and quality of the developed equipment, some steps need to happen:

· Research: opening paths to innovate products, thereby differentiating it from others;

· Elaboration of a project: take into account if the production of the idea is viable if the quality that would be improved in relation to another product already exists and what would be the necessary cost for production, aiming at interpreting what the reaction of the client would be in relation to the final price.

· Selection of the best equipment and necessary parts: consider what is the price and quality of each part, what will be the equipment necessary for the best products and what would be the procedures and adaptations necessary for the finalization of the product;

· Production for the market: to study the number of products to be assembled (considering the market demand) and whether any changes should be made in the production steps for a better result.

Following these steps, the chance of developing a good product with good demand in the market is great, as the consumer is constantly in need of new ideas/products that offer an effective solution. Innovation makes all the difference. If you want to innovate, understand each step, and execute your idea. With these steps completed, your chances may be even greater.